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Professional and Business Services Lead Employment Gains

Posted: 5/18/2023 10:30:45 AM
The COVID pandemic sparked massive job market changes - some temporary and some enduring. The move toward remote work took a tremendous leap forward as many of us learned first-hand how to get things done with our coworkers even when not in the office together. Some of the highest employment growth over the last three years has been in occupatio...

Inflation and Real (Inflation-Adjusted) Wages – The Situation in May 2023

Posted: 5/10/2023 10:48:36 AM
The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released the April 2023 reading of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) today.  The CPI in April was 5.0% higher than a year ago (rounded up from 4.96%).  This is still well over the Fed’s 2% target.  Looking just at the monthly change, the CPI increased just under 0.4% from March to April, an ...

Texas MSA Post Pandemic Employment Growth by Metropolitan Area

Posted: 4/28/2023 3:41:22 PM
This dashboard presents post-pandemic employment growth in the top five industries in each Texas Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). Hovering over each mapped MSA changes the information depicted in the four figures below the map.   <im...