The College Station-Bryan Economy Presentation

Authors: Dennis W. Jansen, Andrew J. Rettenmaier Date: August 2021

The presentation includes information on:
  • National real gross domestic product through the second quarter of 2021
  • Real personal consumption expenditures through June 2021
  • July’s National nonfarm employment
  • Texas real taxable sales and nonfarm employment through June 2021
  • Real cumulative state tax revenues for fiscal years 2019-2021
  • The College Station-Bryan Business-Cycle Index, Business Cycle and unemployment rates through June 2021
  • Unemployment rates in Texas MSAs through June 2021
  • Components of population growth in College Station-Bryan MSA, 2010-2019
  • Migrant and non-migrant incomes in Brazos County and nationally
  • Local enplanements from 2019-2021 and monthly TSA checkpoint travel numbers

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Keywords: Local economy, College Station-Bryan, unemployment, index, enplanements