Alamos Alliance XXVIII 2021 Executive Summary

Authors: Carlos I. Navarro Date: May 2021

The year 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic abruptly shifted the manner in which people  interact, save, spend, work, and carry out day-to-day business. The 28th meeting of the annual Alamos Alliance, which was held virtually on April 30, 2021, addressed the economics of the Covid-19 disruption, the recent rise of cryptocurrency, and fiscal and monetary policy responses to the pandemic.

This report summarizes the presentations given by Vice President & Chief Economist of World Bank Group Carmen Reinhart, Professor Casey Mulligan, Robert Topel, Kevin Murphy, former Texas Senator Phil Gramm, Anne Krueger, and Manuel Suarez Mier. A discussion with Manuel Sanchez, Tom Saving, Pedro Aspe and Sebastain Edwards on cryptocurrencies and inflation followed.

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Keywords: Alamos Alliance, cryptocurrency, Covid-19, pandemic, economy