A Presentation on the Coronavirus and The Economy, Updated 6/25

Authors: Dennis W. Jansen, Andrew J. Rettenmaier Date: June 2020

This presentation focuses on the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on College Station-Bryan and the state of Texas. The attached presentation includes information on:
  • Updated national unemployment insurance claims for Texas and the Nation for the week ending June 13, 2020
  • Unemployment rates in Texas metro areas
  • Vehicle miles driven relative to January's average by county
  • Information on airline travel, including TSA traveler throughputs and Easterwood Airport enplanements
  • State and local oil drilling permits by month
  • Discussion on how total state tax collections have changed over the past several months, as well as individual tax collections for May
  • Changes in the money stock, as well as Federal Reserve assets and liabilities
  • International Monetary Fund GDP projections

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Keywords: Economy, coronavirus, Covid-19, pandemic