Thomas Saving and Carlos Navarro Attend The Alamos Alliance

Mar 05, 2020

Why are capital markets dysfunctional in an era of excessive liquidity, low interest rates and modest inflation? Why has the Chilean economic model, an inspiration to many other nations over many years, come under vicious attack? What is driving the turn to socialism among younger generations?

These topics were tackled at the 27th  meeting of the annual Alamos Alliance, attended by PERC’s Director Emeritus Thomas Saving and Senior Research Associate Carlos Navarro. The meeting, held from February 13-16, 2020 in Alamos, Mexico, discussed “Disruption and Discontent in the Global Economy: Addressing the New Challenges.” At the event, economists, policymakers, and business innovators were welcomed by the President of the Alamos Alliance, Roberto Salinas Leon, and attended keynote presentations given by Professor Douglas Irwin of Dartmouth College; Ricardo Hausmann, the Director of Harvard University’s Growth Lab at the Center for International Development; as well as talks given by Anne Krueger, Deirdre McCloskey, Luis de la Calle and Kevin Murphy, among others.

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