The Eagle Newspaper Features July's Economic Indicators

Jul 29, 2019

July's edition of Economic Indicators was featured in the Sunday, July 28, 2019 edition of The Eagle Newspaper. The article focused on the College Station-Bryan's jobless rate, which reached an all-time low rate of 2.8% in May of 2019. PERC Director Dennis Jansen and Executive Associate Director Andy Rettenmaier gave context to the historical rate.

"The drop in unemployment and accompanying growth in total nonfarm offset a 3.9% dip in real taxable sales from April to May, according to Dennis Jansen."

“Even though it was lower, its effect was, in essence, swamped by the positive movements in the unemployment rate moving down and the nonfarm employment rate increasing,” Rettenmaier said of the dip in real taxable sales."

“The economy continues to do well,” Jansen said. “The unemployment rate and the business cycle index reflect that.”

The report also compared the retirement income from Social Security benefits in College Station-Bryan to other Texas MSAs and the local percentage of the population over age 65 with the rest of Texas.

"The average benefit per retired worker in Brazos County was $17,538, placing Brazos County in the top fifth of all counties in Texas."

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