The Battalion Interviews Dennis Jansen on Supply Chain Shortages

Nov 23, 2021
Summary: In an article that was published on  Sunday, November 21, 2021, Dennis Jansen spoke to Texas A&M’s Battalion newspaper on the industries impacted by the current supply chain shortage and how those shortages affect the everyday consumer.

As President Biden meets with shipping companies and port authorities in an effort to ease the current bottleneck, the transportation industry is not the only culprit behind our nation’s supply chain troubles.

“Even apart from the shipping problems, there seems to be a chip shortage problem, especially those used in automobiles,” Jansen said. “New cars have gone up 11% or so in a year, which is pretty darn high, and on top of that … used car prices have gone up 25%.”

Consumer goods, especially food prices, have also increased. “I think overall meat prices are up over 11%, sort of like new cars, and certain meat products like beef [are] up 20% in price,” Jansen said. “Buying a turkey for Thanksgiving is going to cost you a fair amount more than a year ago.”

Rising prices go hand in hand with increasing inflation, which now stands at over 6%. “I think some of the blame resides with the large amount of spending that we did during the pandemic, and we continue to do,” Jansen said.

The article also includes quotes from local business owners affected by the current supply shortages.

Read the full article at The Battalion.