Recidivism Working Paper Cited in Report to Biden Administration

Jun 08, 2021
Summary: The PERC working paper “The Effect of Public Health Insurance on Criminal Recidivism” by PERC Senior Research Associate Carlos Navarro and former PERC postdoctoral fellows Erkmen Aslim and Han Yu, was cited in a report to the Biden-Harris Administration that addressed the need for critical criminal justice reforms.
The report by the Corrections and Community Reentry Committee, which is part of the New York City Bar, along with the Criminal Courts Committee and Criminal Justice Operations Committee, focused on how to successfully reintegrate people from incarceratory settings back into their communities.
The working paper studies the effects of increased access to public health insurance on previously incarcerated individuals through expansions to Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act on rates of recidivism.
Click here to read the full working paper.