PERC Supports Undergraduate Scholars

Jun 11, 2021
Summary: PERC has long sponsored undergraduate research. For many years, we benefited from substantial foundation support for this activity, and even today PERC continues at a reduced level to support undergraduate research through its funding of EUROP (Economic Undergraduate Research Program) in the Department of Economics. The Director of EUROP this year was Associate Professor Danila Serra, and three students successfully completed an undergraduate research thesis in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. They include:
Alexa Zotos, who wrote a thesis titled “Gender Differences in Partnership Dissolution Mechanisms” supervised by Associate Professor of Economics Rodrigo Velez,
Sean Kluver, who wrote a thesis titled “The Impact of Oil Price Shocks on Local Texas Communities Durng the Covid-19 Pandemic” supervised by Assistant Professor of Economics Yoon Jo,
and John Andrew Isbell, who wrote a thesis titled "Stock Market Circuit Breakers and Market Volatility” supervised by PERC Professors Tatevik Sekhposyan and Danila Serra.