PERC Staff Speak to The Eagle on Follow-Up Survey's Findings

Dec 14, 2020
Summary: Director Dennis Jansen and Executive Associate Director Andrew Rettenmaier were interviewed for a story in Sunday’s edition of The Eagle newspaper that related the findings of the College Station-Bryan Business Impact Follow-Up Survey.
The results from the second of two surveys was published on December 11, 2020 and related the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on business operations and supply chain, workforce, and finance. The first survey was conducted in June, while a follow-up survey was conducted November 2-6, 2020 and had 217 responses.
One finding shows that at the time of the survey in early November, 19% of the responding business’s employees were working from home, compared to 28.5% in June.  "People are migrating back to their place of work," Rettenmaier said.
Businesses also reported on future prospects, changes in employment, revenues, and participation in the Paycheck Protection Program.
The article also related economic and tax collection information derived from a presentation given to members of the BCS Chamber of Commerce. State consumption and sales taxes for early fiscal year 2021 fell below 2019 levels. "We're collecting fewer taxes than two years ago, not just one year ago," Jansen said, which he said will have impacts on local governments' budgets and the upcoming Texas legislative session.
The article was published on December 13, 2020.
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