PERC Staff Leave A Big Footprint at the Southern Economic Association Conference

Dec 03, 2019
Summary: PERC staff and students joined the Department of Economics in leaving a big footprint at the Southern Economic Association conference.
PERC was well represented at the Southern Economic Association conference, held in Fort Lauderdale from November 22 – 24, 2019. Director Dennis Jansen presented his research on migration and remittances. Executive Associate Director Andrew Rettenmaier presented work on Social Security wealth, and was coauthor on a paper presented by former PERC student and current Purdue faculty member Jillian Carr. Jillian also presented another paper written with former TAMU student and Vanderbilt University faculty member Analisa Packam. PERC’s two postdocs, Erkmen Aslim and Han Yu, were busy as well. They presented a coauthored paper and each presented a second paper in separate sessions.  Current PERC PhD student CarlyWill Sloan was involved in two presentations, one on her paper on crime and a coauthored paper with PERC Professor Mark Hoekstra.  PERC Professor Steve Puller presented a paper on energy, and PERC professor Jonathan Meer’s paper was presented as well. 

Other students who have received significant PERC support include Chelsea Temple, who presented multiple papers, and Mayra Pineda-Torres, who presented her paper on waiting periods in women’s healthcare services.  Several Texas A&M University alumni and former PERC-supported students were also involved in conference presentations, including Maria Padilla-Romo (now on faculty at the University of Tennessee) and Abigail Peralta (now on faculty at Louisiana State University).
The Economics Department was represented by several faculty members, including Catherine Eckel, Fernando Luco, Jason Lindo, and Jennifer Doleac.  Additional student presentations were made by Manuel Hoffmann, Andrea Kelly, Meradee Tangvatcharapong, Raisa Sara, Trent McNamara, Benjamin Priday, and Mofioluwasademi Odunowo.  Finally, former students presenting research at the conference included Diego Vacaflores (Texas State University) and Paan Jindapon (University of Alabama). 
Working Papers and Authors
Are Mental Health Courts Effective at Reducing Crime?
Chelsea Temple, Texas A&M University
Mental Health Courts and Crime
Chelsea Temple, Texas A&M University
Violence Against Police
CarlyWill Sloan, Texas A&M University
The Effect of Police Officer Race on Use of Force
Mark L. Hoekstra, Texas A&M University
CarlyWill Sloan, Texas A&M University
New Evidence on the Effects of Mandatory Waiting Periods for Abortion
Mayra Pineda-Torres, Texas A&M University
Do Federal Transfers Stimulate Local Economic Development?
Abigail Peralta, Louisiana State University (TAMU PhD)
Remittances, Migration, and the Small Open Economy
Diego Vacaflores, Texas State University (TAMU PhD)
Dennis W. Jansen, Texas A&M University
Social Security Wealth and Federal Liabilities
Andrew J. Rettenmaier, Texas A&M University
What Happened to Rosie?
Jillian B. Carr, Purdue University (TAMU PhD)
Andrew J. Rettenmaier, Texas A&M University
Shots Fired: Gun Violence and Community Health and Engagement
Jillian B. Carr, Purdue University (TAMU PhD)
Analisa Packham, Vanderbilt University
Hungry for Success? SNAP Timing, SAT Scores, and College Attendance
Analisa Packham, Vanderbilt University (TAMU PhD)
Timothy N. Bond, Purdue University
Jillian B. Carr, Purdue University (TAMU PhD)
Jonathan Smith, Georgia State University
The Vicious Cycle of Blackouts and Revenue Collection in Developing Economies: Evidence from Ghana
Steven Puller, Texas A&M University
The Minimum Wage, Fringe Benefits, and Worker Welfare
Jeffrey Clemens, University of California, San Diego
Lisa Khan, University of Rochester
Jonathan Meer, Texas A&M University
Gender Inequality in Education: The Effects of Local Crime on High-Stakes Tests
Maria Padilla-Romo, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville (TAMU PhD)
Eunsik Chang, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
The Effects of Childcare Subsides on Grandmothers’ Labor Supply
Maria Padilla-Romo, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville (TAMU PhD)
Francisco Cabrera-Hernández, Independent Consultant
How Media Violence Can Reduce Violent Crime: First Estimates of the Long-term Effects of Media Violence
Isaac Swensen, Montana State University
Jason Lindo, Texas A&M University
Glen R. Waddell, University of Oregon
Exchange Competition and Regulation
Fernando Luco, Texas A&M University
Price Leadership and Coordination in Wholesale Electricity Markets
Trent McNamara, Texas A&M University
Intergenerational Persistence of Human Capital: Evidence from a School Construction Program
Mofioluwasademi Odunowo, Texas A&M University
Civil Conflict and Later Life Crime
Raisa Sara, Texas A&M University
Religion, Punishment, and Giving Norms in a Modified Public Goods Game
Benjamin Priday, Texas A&M University
Television, Health, and Happiness
Manuel Hoffmann, Texas A&M University
Private Health Insurance Under Universal Health Care
Manuel Hoffmann, Texas A&M University
The Effects of Reduced Clinic Capacity on Abortion Access
Andrea M. Kelly, Texas A&M University
Estimating the Impact of Fake News: Evidence from the Anti-vaccination Movement
Meradee Tangvatcharapong, Texas A&M University
Network Spillovers in Contests
Paan Jindapon, The University of Alabama (TAMU PhD)
Michael Smith, The University of Alabama