PERC Gives Updated Presentation on College Station-Bryan Economy, Inflation

Apr 11, 2022
Summary: Dennis Jansen, PERC’s director, and Andrew Rettenmaier, PERC’s executive associate director presented updated information about the national, state and local economies to local business and community leaders from College Station-Bryan on Thursday, April 7, 2022. The presentation includes information on:
  • The January 2022 Business-Cycle Index and Business-Cycle for College Station-Bryan
  • College Station-Bryan unemployment rates dropped to 3.7% in February 2022 and was tied for the fourth-lowest rate among other Texas MSAs
  • Nonfarm employment data from the past fifteen years is reported for the College Station-Bryan MSA and was recently revised 3.6% higher than the previous December 2021 count
  • Texas state oil and gas production taxes are shown from September 2019 to March 2022
  • The volatility in both natural gas and oil production in Texas is shown from the beginning of 2019 through March 2022
  • A comparison of indexed nonfarm employment prior to and after the Bureau of Labor Statistics data revision for the U.S., Texas and select Texas MSAs from prior to the pandemic through February 2022
  • A comparison of employment by industry prior to and after the data revision from prior to the pandemic through February 2022
  • Inflation rates since 2010, including the Consumer Price Index, and Personal Consumption Expenditures Price Index, as well as inflation expectations
  • Wages, real (inflation-adjusted) wages, and prices prior to the pandemic through February 2022
The full presentation can be found here.