October Economic Indicators Featured in The Eagle

Oct 30, 2019
Summary: Local unemployment rates continue to hit historic lows and the College Station-Bryan Business Cycle Index increased almost 1% this month, The Eagle newspaper reported on Wednesday, October 30, 2019.  The article reviewed the October issue of PERC’s Economic Indicators, a monthly publication on the health of the local economy.
Dr. Dennis Jansen commented on the economy and the possible effects of continuously low unemployment levels. “Overall, the local economy continues to look good. The unemployment rate is still falling slightly, and therefore our index is growing…One negative aspect of a very low unemployment rate is that it’s hard for businesses to find additional workers,” Jansen said.
In addition to the Business-Cycle index, this month’s special focus section analyzed taxable sales by industry. Dr. Andrew Rettenmaier shared how the composition of taxable sales has changed over time. “In College Station-Bryan, the biggest component is retail sales — now, they comprise 50% of the total, which has gotten smaller. In 2002, the share was 57%,” Rettenmaier said. The report also shows how real (inflation-adjusted) taxable sales locally compare to those of other Texas metro areas.
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