Liqun Liu Presents at World Risk and Insurance Economics Congress 2020

Aug 21, 2020
Summary: Earlier this month, PERC Senior Research Scientist Liqun Liu gave a presentation at the World Risk and Insurance Economics Congress 2020 conference. Dr. Liu presented his paper, Optimality of Winner-Take-All Contests: The Role of Attitudes Toward Risk, co-authored by Nicolas Treich, as part of the group of sessions on agent preferences.
The paper studies the role of risk attitudes – risk aversion and prudence – in determining the optimality of winner-take-all contests. The authors compare the typical single-winner lottery contest with two alternative ways of spreading the rewards to more players: through holding multiple prize-giving lottery competitions or through guaranteeing a bottom prize for the losers.
Dr. Liu was also a discussant for another working paper presented at the conference.
To see the presentation, click here and enter code: wriec2020