KBTX Interviews Andrew Rettenmaier on Follow-up Survey's Findings

Dec 16, 2020
Summary: Executive Associate Director Andrew Rettenmaier discussed the results of the College Station-Bryan Business Impact Follow-up Survey on KBTX on Monday, December 14, 2020.

The follow-up survey, sent out in November, received 217 responses from local businesses on questions related to operations and supply chain, workforce, and finance. The survey responses show how businesses have fared since the original survey that was sent out in June.
Rettenmaier reported several key takeaways from the survey results. “On the good end, the average operating percentage was up to 81% relative to 75% back in June, so there was improvement there. When firms talk about the availability of their supplies and their ability to deliver their product or their services, those were up relative to June. So things are moving in the right direction, however, we’re still down relative to September and October of 2019, those numbers show up in our survey results, and they are showing up in our aggregate statistics as well,” said Rettenmaier.
The survey also reported businesses’ responses on changes in employment, revenues, participation in the Paycheck Protection Program, and future prospects.
On whether the local economy has reached its peak in the path to recovery, Rettenmaier said “There’s still work to do. Bottom line, we’re currently in a slightly slower pace of the recovery. When we look at the recovery from April to May, and then May to June, things were marching back pretty quickly - especially that April-to-May number. We’re on the path back with growing employment, and we need to get back on that path that is even higher than where we were in February.”

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