KAGS Interviews Andrew Rettenmaier on Economic Recovery

Feb 08, 2021
Summary: Executive Associate Director Andrew Rettenmaier spoke about the local area’s path to economic recovery in an interview with KAGS news on Friday, February 5, 2021.
According to  the January issue of Economic Indicators, the unemployment rate for the College Station-Bryan metropolitan statistical area (MSA) has consistently ranked second-lowest among other Texas MSAs. However, at 5.9%, November’s rate was still more than twice February’s rate of 2.7%.
“When we think about returning to 100%, going back to where we were in February a year ago now, the things that mattered are largely related to can we get back to a state of economy where we are doing the things that we did? And right now, we’re not doing the things that we did locally,” said Rettenmaier.
“Without full-attendance sporting events, conferences, family weekends, and other events hosted in this community and at Texas A&M, it may be difficult to return to the economic state before covid-19,” the article reported. 
Greater distribution of the coronavirus vaccine is on the horizon, and with it, increased hopes that customers will return to businesses.
“The only way to get back there is customers, travelers, visitors, and all of us locally are comfortable going to restaurants and traveling, and until then, we will have some kind of enduring effects until we get to that point,” said Rettenmaier.
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Read the January issue of Economic Indicators here.