KAGS Discusses Local Economic Improvement With Dennis Jansen

Oct 27, 2020
Summary: KAGS news interviewed Dennis Jansen as part of a story on the October issue of Economic Indicators that aired on Monday, October 26, 2020. In the College Station-Bryan MSA, both the unemployment rate and the number of unemployment insurance claims dropped at the end of September to their lowest numbers since mid-March, at 4.3% and 224 claims.
“We’re less than half of the peak unemployment rate from April. On the other hand, we’re still one and a half times higher than we were in February,” said Jansen.
The report also shows that the average list price for a single-family home and the number of housing permits have both increased since 2019.
Jansen said “We’ve had [a] great recovery, but the recovery needs to continue – we’re not back to where we were yet…4.3% back in February would have sounded horrible, 4.3% today sounds not so bad.”
A new issue of Economic Indicators is produced each month by the Private Enterprise Research Center, providing timely data for the economy in the College Station-Bryan metro area.
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