June's Economic Indicators Featured in The Eagle Newspaper

Jul 01, 2019
Summary: On Sunday, May 30, 2019, The Eagle newspaper highlighted June’s edition of Economic Indicators, the monthly report produced by the Private Enterprise Research Center. Dr. Dennis Jansen, PERC’s director and Andy Rettenmaier, PERC’s associate executive director, gave context for April’s positive economic increase.

“The unemployment rate decreased to 2.9% in College Station-Bryan for the month of April, or 0.1% lower than the March rate,” said Andy Rettenmaier... “That matches our lowest unemployment rate.”

“Changes in the unemployment rate are a pretty important part of our business cycle indicator,” Jansen said. “When our unemployment rate declines, that’s a sign that the economy is growing.”

The report also focused on vehicle traffic and airport passenger boardings in College Station-Byan, where traffic has increased throughout the Route 6 corridor since 2012. Although the north-end of Bryan and the south-end of College Station have both experienced growth, traffic in the middle of town has grown from 77,124 vehicles in 2016 to 92,874 vehicles in 2017.

“Here we see some growth in transportation to or from the city, from the north or the south,” Jansen said. “But it’s not anywhere near the growth in traffic that we see within the city itself.”

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