Jonathan Meer Pens Op-Ed on Unvaccinated Health Care Costs for Marketwatch

Aug 30, 2021
Summary: Jonathan Meer, the Mary Julia and George R. Jordan, Jr. Professor of Public Policy, opined an article that discusses the burdensome health care costs of the unvaccinated on Marketwatch on August 8, 2021.

As the Delta variant of the coronavirus rages, it is predominantly the unvaccinated that are filling up local hospital beds.

"Those who choose to remain unvaccinated no longer pose a serious threat to the vaccinated – but they’re still imposing a cost. Hospitalizations for COVID are almost entirely confined to those who are not vaccinated, often at the cost of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Who should bear those costs? Under our system of risk-sharing, it’s all of us, whether through government programs like Medicare and Medicaid or through private insurers."

"It's time for the unvaccinated to live up to the ideals of individual freedom and personal responsibility by taking on more of the consequences of their actions. Some are nervous about the possible risks of a vaccine and are waiting – but they should bear not only the health but also the financial risks of their hesitancy."

Read the full article at Marketwatch here.