Jonathan Meer Discusses College Tuition Costs on AEI Podcast

Sep 24, 2021
Summary: Jonathan Meer, the Mary Julia and George R. Jordan, Jr. Professor of Public Policy at Texas A&M University, was a recent guest of the podcast, “An Economist Goes to College” with host Dr. Beth Akers from the American Enterprise Institute.
On the podcast, Meer explains that some additional goods and services that are tacked onto college tuition may positively affect whether students stay enrolled, “There are definitely some upsides to some of those ‘goodies’ beyond that people just like goodies. Ron Ehrenberg at Cornell has a really nice paper that suggests that some students who are marginally more attached to college might be more likely to stay enrolled because of those nice goodies because it’s a nicer play to stay.”
Meer also comments on why tuition costs keep rising and ways to mitigate costs. The episode, “Why is college so expensive and what can be done about it?” aired on Tuesday, September 22, 2021.