January's Economic Indicators Featured in The Eagle Newspaper

Feb 03, 2020
Summary: An article based on the January issue of Economic Indicators was featured on the front page of Monday’s edition of The Eagle newspaper. The report, Economic Indicators, is a monthly publication produced by PERC and focuses on a different area of economic interest each month.  In the article, Director Dennis Jansen and Executive Associate Director Andrew Rettenmaier spoke on the growth in GDP for the counties that make up College Station-Bryan MSA.
Although slowing its upward climb, the growth rate over the last month for College Station-Bryan was 0.34%. “This growth rate has slowed but is still positive, and actually is at our average growth rate of 0.3 percent,” Jansen said. “0.3% growth in a month doesn’t sound like much, but over 12 months, that’s 3.6 percent, roughly, and that’s a healthy growth rate.”
Local unemployment, another data component of the Business-Cycle Index, increased from last month. Rettenmaier said that the local unemployment rate is 2.7%, up slightly from September’s historically low rate of 2.6%. In Texas, the rate is 3.4%, Rettenmaier said, while U.S. unemployment is at 3.5%, down slightly from the previous month’s rate of 3.6%.
The focus section of the report describes the changes in GDP and leading industries for Brazos, Burleson and Robertson Counties, as well as for other Texas metro areas.
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