Free Film Screening of How to Love Your Enemy: A Restorative Justice Story

May 04, 2021
Summary: Students, faculty, staff and the community are invited to a free screening of the film, How to Love Your Enemy: A Restorative Justice Story, at the Ice House on Main on Thursday, May 6, 2021. The film tells an emotionally compelling story about real people working to make things right, and a guide for other communities looking to restore faith in the justice system.
About the Film:
A city in Colorado tries a different kind of justice system, powerful enough to transform a broken system of mass incarceration in the United States. Instead of locking up non-violent offenders, these advocates focus on the challenging but rewarding process of individual responsibility, forgiveness, and redemption that radically shifts our idea of justice and our part in it.
This film won the Best Feature and Best Director awards at the Front Range Film Festival.
Attendance is free, register here to attend the event.