February Economic Indicators Makes Front Page of The Eagle

Feb 27, 2019
Summary: The Private Enterprise Research Center’s Economic Indicators made the front page of The Eagle newspaper on Wednesday, February 27, 2019.

Reporter Kenny Wiley quoted PERC’s Executive Associate Director Dr. Andy Rettenmaier on the ongoing health of our local economy, “Unemployment is up a bit, but it’s still low by historical standards.”

This month’s issue focuses on the poverty rate of the BCS area. The official poverty rate including college students is 26 percent, while a modified measure that takes college students into account drops the rate to 15 percent. Those rates are then compared to other similar college towns, Texas, and the nation. “We wanted to point out that this is not an especially poor community, and the data shows that,” PERC’s Director, Dr. Jansen said.
Economic Indicators was also mentioned in a news clip published by news station KBTX.

To read the latest issue of Economic Indicators, click here.

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