Explore PERC's Updated Maps & Tools

Mar 08, 2019
Summary: The Maps and Tools on PERC’s website recently got a complete redesign and data update. The three groups of maps – displaying Social Security, Medicare, and Migration data – are tools that visually show benefits and income for different geographies over time.

The Social Security maps show average Social Security benefits, numbers of retirees, and shares of disabled workers at the state, county, Zip Code, or congressional district level. The data are from the Social Security Administration, Office of Retirement and Disability Policy.  Map users can explore the geographic distribution of each data series and can then view a graph of the time series data by selecting a specific geography.

The Medicare maps depict county level data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. These maps show the geographic distribution average Medicare Parts A&B Reimbursements, disproportionate share payments, risk scores, and shares of disabled beneficiaries.  As with the Social Security maps, the user can select a specific county to see a time series graph for each data element. These data are limited to fee-for-service beneficiaries.

Using Internal Revenue Service’s Statistics of Income data, the Migration maps display county level data based on tax return data. The maps allow the user to compare the average adjusted gross income for tax filers who have lived in a county for two consecutive years to the average incomes of people who move to (immigrant) or out of (emigrant) the county. Users can also compare the immigration and emigration ratios of the selected county to the U.S. medians over time.

To explore PERC’s updated maps, click here.