Dr. Jansen Interview on Streaming Services Airs on KBTX

Jan 10, 2020
Summary: PERC Director Dennis Jansen spoke about the market for streaming video entertainment services and the competition Netflix faces on Thursday, January 9, 2020. In the interview, which aired on KBTX news, Jansen shared that although Netflix currently is the market leader, an increasing number of competitors are threatening to lure away customers with lower subscription fees and specialized content.

“If you want customers, [Netflix] has 158 million subscribers worldwide, you might want to take some of theirs. I don’t believe Netflix is going away, but they are facing a lot of competition.”

Also noted in the interview was a recent survey by The Trade Desk, which reported that 53% of respondents were open to watching ads if it reduced the price of the service.

“There’s this sort of tension about the price that subscribers are paying for a wide variety of content across a lot of providers and some of them allow advertising. I think Netflix will be under some pressure to think about that.”

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