Dennis Jansen and Andrew Rettenmaier to Present at Brazos Valley Business Summit

Sep 23, 2020
Summary: Dennis Jansen, PERC’s director, and Executive Associate Director Andrew Rettenmaier will give a presentation at the Brazos Valley Business Summit on Friday, September 25, 2020. The presentation, hosted by the Brazos Valley Economic Development Corporation, will cover changes in the local, state, and Texas metro area economies over the past year.
The presentation will also include data on local economic indicators, sourced from PERC’s Economic Indicators of the College Station-Bryan MSA; a Pandemic Misery Index, which shows the average unemployment rate and coronavirus-related deaths; national GDP, labor, and inflation estimates; revenues for the state of Texas; and information on local and state government sales, hotel, and general revenues.
Information on the Summit can be found here.