Dennis Jansen Speaks to KBTX on the Coronavirus and the Economy

Mar 17, 2020
Summary: On Tuesday, March 10, 2020, Dennis Jansen, director of the Private Enterprise Research Center spoke in an interview on KBTX news about the coronavirus and its effects on the stock market and oil prices.

“They’ll stop drilling, and when they stop drilling, people that are working in the industry will be laid off,” said Jansen. “Oil supply companies will see a decline in demand for their products. Oil companies…their reserves have fallen in value by about half. Some companies will have trouble repaying their debt, and most importantly, around here—at least to Texas A&M, state tax revenues are likely to decline."

Jansen also spoke about the decline in the stock market and how stock prices are based on the expectations of the market, which are currently in flux.

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