Dennis Jansen Shares Data from Economic Indicators on KBTX

Dec 21, 2020
Summary: Director Dennis Jansen spoke to KBTX on local economic data from the December issue of Economic Indicators on Monday, December 21, 2020.
The report shows that the Business-Cycle index increased 1.6% from September to October. The Business-Cycle Index is determined by the unemployment rate, nonfarm employment, inflation adjusted taxable sales, and quarterly aggregate wages.
“It is true – we’ve had modest growth from September to October,” said Jansen. “Locally, our recovery from the recession in March and April – especially April – is continuing. So the recovery continues, but rather slowly, and we even had a hiccup in the unemployment rate in September when it rose before declining again in October, and that already indicates some concern. The number employed in October did increase a very tiny amount from September and we had an increase in taxable retail sales. So that, and a decline in unemployment, led our Business-Cycle Index to increase.”
The October unemployment rate for the College Station-Bryan MSA remained the second-lowest among Texas metro areas at 4.9%. However, the statewide rate, although declining, remained higher than the nationwide unemployment rate.
When asked if Texas’ lag behind the national average was concerning, Jansen replied “Yes, it is a concern. Actually, the November unemployment rate for states is now available and it was not available at the time Economic Indicators was written. And Texas’ unemployment rate actually increased quite a bit from 6.9% that we report in Economic Indicators for [October] to 8.1% [for November]. Meanwhile, the United States’ rate – we already knew – was 6.7%. So Texas’ unemployment rate has grown even more and I think you can partially blame this on the industry mix. Texas has unemployment from the pandemic from Entertainment and Travel industries being hard-hit, but we also have an impact from the mining industry, and especially what we mean here is natural gas and oil production – drilling, refining, and so on – that plays a big role in Texas and that industry is still quite a bit impacted by the decline in prices.”
The report also shows a decline in the number of filed unemployment claims, an increase in local air travel, and inflation adjusted hotel receipts per room for Brazos County.
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