Dennis Jansen Presents at APEE Conference

Apr 11, 2022
Summary: Dennis Jansen presented at two sessions of the 46th meeting of the Association of Private Enterprise Education (APEE) that was held on April 4 -5, 2022.

This year, the conference, themed “The Limits of Leviathan: Government Versus Governance,” was held in Las Vegas.  Jansen presented papers at two sessions.  One was “The Consequences of COVID-19 Interventions,” at which he presented “Learning in a Time of Covid: A Tale of Two Sectors.”  That work looks at the performance of public schools students in Texas before and after the Covid pandemic struck with the associated school shutdowns and extended provision of remote learning, with a special focus on the differential performance of students at traditional public schools and at charter schools.  Jansen’s second presentation was in the session based on the book of the same title, “Off-Campus Study, Study Abroad, and Study Away in Economics,” at which he presented his chapter on “Study Abroad in Ireland: The Celtic Tiger Pre- and Post- Financial Crisis.”

To find out more information on the book, click here.