Dennis Jansen Discusses Higher Costs for Thanksgiving on KBTX

Nov 16, 2021
Summary: Dennis Jansen discussed recent changes in food costs that may impact consumers’ wallets this Thanksgiving in an interview on KBTX news that aired on November 15, 2021.

As we head into the holiday season, the U.S. economy is struggling with both supply chain issues and inflation, causing food costs to rise.

“Beef is up maybe 20% and pork is up maybe 15%,” said Jansen. “Interestingly poultry is not up as much. It’s up, it’s still a pretty high 7.5% but turkeys [are] an exception to that. Apparently, turkey prices are up and they’re up closer to 20% than to 10%.”

Consumer foods isn’t the only industry that is experiencing a rise in costs. “I think the higher prices are just generally due to the sort of general inflation rate. Some prices go up more than others during a time of inflation, so I think overall the consumer price index is up about 6%,” said Jansen.

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