Dennis Jansen, Carlos Navarro Attend Alamos Alliance Conference

Mar 15, 2022
Summary: Dennis Jansen and Carlos Navarro attended the 29th Annual Alamos Alliance from March 10-12, 2022.
This year’s event brought business leaders, economic development professionals, government leaders and academics together in San Antonio, Texas for presentations on “Stability, Growth, and Radical Uncertainty: Assessing Options and Opportunities.”
Tom Saving, PERC’s director emeritus, chaired the session, ‘The Return of “Stagflation” and the Perils of Fiscal Mismanagement.’ The conference organizer and host was Dr. Roberto Salinas Leon, President of the Alamos Alliance and a speaker at the PERC seminar this past fall semester on the economy of Mexico. Other past PERC speakers attending this conference included Casey Mulligan, Deirdre McCloskey, Robert Topel, and Anne Krueger. Former PERC Board of Directors member Wendy Gramm also attended.