December's Economic Indicators Makes the Front Page of The Eagle Newspaper

Dec 19, 2018
Summary: The December issue of Economic Indicators was front page news in the Wednesday, December 19 edition of The Eagle newspaper.

The article, written by reporter Kenny Wiley, noted that although the College Station-Bryan metro area’s economy is still experiencing growth, our economy has slowed. October’s annualized rate for the CSB Business-Cycle Index dropped to 2.4%, below the 2.7% average of the annualized rates so far this year.
“It mimics what’s happening in the national and statewide economy that growth is positive, but slowing down,” said Dennis Jansen, PERC’s director.
December’s Economic Indicators also highlights hotel revenue in College Station-Bryan, an indicator of the level of spending in the local economy. Andrew Rettenmaier, PERC’s executive associate director, spoke about both the rise in revenue and number of rooms over the past 7 years. Hotel revenue rose from $57.5 million in 2010 to $102.7 million in 2017, with 29 percent of those revenues flowing in each year during Texas A&M University’s football season.
“There might be a perception that the football season's revenue share would be much higher than that," Rettenmaier said. "That number, 29 percent, shows how important the other nine months are to the overall numbers.”
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