November Economic Indicators Featured by The Eagle Newspaper

Dec 02, 2019
Summary: The Eagle newspaper spoke with Dennis Jansen and Andrew Rettenmaier from PERC about the November issue of Economic Indicators and the local economy of the College Station-Bryan area.

The Business-Cycle Index rose 0.9% between August and September, which is down slightly from the previous month’s growth rate but is still well above the long-term rate, indicating that the local economy is performing well. The local unemployment rate remained at its record 6-month low rate. “The economy is continuing to roll along. Things are generally continuing to be good,” Jansen said.

The Index’s focus section, which changes monthly, explores the area’s labor market. Since 1995, nonfarm employment increased by 49,700 workers. Government, the largest sector, represented 43,100 employees, 35% of workers, and garnered 37% of the metro’s wages.  “That means that these workers are paid higher than the average worker in the local economy,” Rettenmaier said.

The article was published on Sunday, December 1, 2019.

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