Andrew Rettenmaier Discusses Lost Business Revenues on KBTX

Dec 09, 2020
Summary: As the Aggie football season draws to a close, Executive Associate Director Andrew Rettenmaier spoke to KBTX news on Tuesday, December 8, 2020 about local business revenues.
Football season usually brings an influx of visitors to Aggieland, and with them comes an increase in sales for the local businesses that serve them. A shortened 2020 football season, along a cancelled home game, has been especially difficult for businesses in the restaurant, hotel and entertainment industries who have already been struggling due to the current pandemic.
According to Rettenmaier, the number of home games was reduced from seven to five and then the cancelation of the Ole Miss game equates to another 20 percent loss.
“It’s quite a dramatic drop relative to a normal year and relative to what we were expecting for this year,” said Rettenmaier.
Speaking of past and future revenues, Rettenmaier said “We can get back to where we’re expected to be in the spring, but right now, those are just lost revenues.”

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