Who We Are

The mission of the Private Enterprise Research Center (PERC) is to provide Texas A&M University, the state of Texas and the Nation with analysis of important policy issues. PERC actively supports academic research and market oriented solutions to public policy problems.

Letter from Our Director

The Private Enterprise Research Center (PERC) is committed to providing market oriented solutions to major public policy issues. Our focus is the scientific application of economics to policy issues of national importance. Through its public policy studies and academic support, the Center provides timely and rigorous economic research on contemporary issues that enhances the scholarly mission of Texas A&M University. We believe that through objective analysis of the issues we can enhance economic freedom throughout the world.

Funded through the generosity of former students, foundations, and corporations, PERC benefits from its location on the campus of Texas A&M University and its ties to the faculty and students at Texas A&M University.

The Center provides a broad range of academic support for scholars at Texas A&M University by funding research opportunities for both faculty and staff, as well as hosting visiting scholars. PERC supports academic research through its Professorships and Research Fellows program for faculty, its Postdoctoral Fellows program, and its visiting faculty program. PERC also supports graduate students via its Graduate Student Summer Fellows, its Graduate Student Fellowships, and through its Dissertation Fellowships. The PERC Applied Economics Seminar Series hosts visiting scholars from around the country who present their research on a broad range of policy relevant topics.

Graduate students supported by PERC have produced research related to inequality, education policy, macroeconomics, public economics, and econometrics. Their research contributes to their education and to a broader understanding of our economic system.

An undergraduate student research fellows program, PERC's latest endeavor, involves students in research on public policy issues and in preparing policy briefs on their findings. Our inaugural cohort of these undergraduate research fellows are just beginning their work at this time.

PERC has an established research agenda related the country's elderly entitlement programs in large part due to the work of Thomas R. Saving, Director Emeritus. Professor Saving served as a Public Trustee of the Social Security and Medicare Trusts Funds and was also appointed to the Commission to Strengthen Social Security by President George W. Bush. PERC researchers have an ongoing research agenda related to health care markets, fiscal policy, monetary policy and inequality.

Forging ahead, PERC will continue this work while broadening its scope into other public policy arenas, from macroeconomic policy to issues of economic growth and to school choice and education finance.

- Dr. Dennis Jansen
PERC Celebrates 40 Years