Kirby Distinguished Visiting Professorship

John Cogan, pictured above, is a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution and faculty member at Stanford University. Dr. Cogan was the April, 2018 recipient of the Kirby Distinguished Visiting Professorship. His lecture featured his latest book, "The High Cost of Good Intentions" and winner of the Manhattan Institute's Hayek Book Prize.

The Kirby Distinguished Visiting Professorship was established in 1988. This professorship brings internationally recognized scholars to Texas A&M University to interact with faculty and students. Over the years, the following scholars have been Kirby Visiting Professors:

John Cogan, Stanford University | Dr. Cogan's Interview
Joshua Rauh, Stanford University | Dr. Rauh's Interview
John B. Taylor, Stanford University | Dr. Taylor's Interview
John Cochrane, University of Chicago 
Casey Mulligan, University of Chicago 
Michael Chernew, Harvard University 
Robert H. Topel, University of Chicago
Olivia Mitchell, University of Pennsylvania 
Robert D. Tollison, University of Mississippi 
Mark McClellan, Stanford University 
Eric Hanushek, Hoover Institution 
Laurence J. Kotlikoff, Boston University 
Kevin Murphy, University of Chicago 
Neil Wallace, Pennsylvania State University 
Rudolf Richter, Universitat de Saarlandes 
Arnold Zellner, University of Chicago 
Thomas Sargent, University of Chicago 
Thomas Palfrey, California Institute of Technology 
Manfred Neumann, University of Bonn 
Nobel Laureate James Buchanan, George Mason University 
Kenneth Shepsle, Harvard University 
Nobel Laureate Douglass North, Washington University 
Armen Alchian, UCLA 
Allan Meltzer, Carnegie-Mellon University