The Private Enterprise Research Center is proud to support four accomplished professors through the Rex B. Grey Professorship, the Jeff Montgomery Professorship, the Mary Julia and George R. Jordan Jr. Professorship, and the PERC Professor in Free Enterprise. PERC also brings visiting faculty to Texas A&M through the Kirby Distinguished Visiting Professorship.  


Research Fellows

Through its support of Faculty Research Fellows, the Private Enterprise Research Center promotes scholarly research in the social sciences, primarily economics and business. In recent years, these Fellows have produced over 125 working papers, many of which are published in leading academic journals such as the Journal of International Economics, Review of Economics and Statistics, Southern Economic Journal, National Tax Journal, Economic Inquiry and American Economic Review.


PERC supports three outstanding graduate students with fellowships during their dissertation-writing years.  Past and present recipients can be found on the Students page.

Summer Scholarship Program

In 1995, the Private Enterprise Research Center initiated its Summer Research Scholarship Program for second-year graduate students. Early introduction to research serves as a springboard to further academic pursuits. During the summer, student scholars complete a research paper and present their results in a seminar setting. 


PERC supports academics and research