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A Texas Puzzle: High Employment, High Unemployment Rate

Posted: 4/5/2021 8:49:22 AM
This is an unusual, interesting recession. Personal savings are up, as is personal income. In this recession, unemployment did not increase gradually, it skyrocketed, reaching its recession maximum in just two months. Currently, Texas has an unemployment rate that is above the national rate, and by a fair bit.  Typically, Tex...

The Employment Situation and Recovery in Texas

Posted: 3/24/2021 4:00:42 PM
What is the employment situation in Texas, as well as in select Texas Metropolitan Statistical Areas (or MSAs), and how does it compare nationally?  What was the impact of the pandemic and the pandemic-inspired business closures on employment?  Where are we now, and what is needed to restore employment to pre-pandemic levels? &n...

Trade-Offs in Winterizing the Texas Power Grid

Posted: 3/17/2021 4:16:15 PM
On February 8, a Monday, ERCOT notified power generators that freezing temperatures were on the way, and at that time were forecast for February 11 to 15, Thursday through Monday.  Versions of this warning were repeated on future days.  On February 11, Thursday, ERCOT announced that there could be record peak demand for winter power du...