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    Hope Mounts as Covid-19 Counts Decrease in Texas – Updated August 4, 2020

    Posted: 8/5/2020 12:33:11 PM
    The continued economic growth and reopening of the economy in Texas, and in Brazos County, critically depend on getting a handle on the recent surge of Covid-19 cases. Fortunately, recent evidence over the past weeks shows very good news, with declining rates of new infections and decreasing counts of active cases in most of the major population...

    Forecasting Recovery from the Covid-19 Recession: The Long (and Winding?) Road

    Posted: 8/4/2020 9:32:16 AM
    The nation’s output, real GDP (i.e., GDP adjusted for inflation), took a big hit in the second quarter, falling almost 10%. Looking forward, should we expect an improvement in economic conditions for the remainder of 2020? The second quarter includes the months of April, May, and June. Up to this point, April was the hardest...

    Plunging U.S. and European GDP in the Second Quarter of 2020: A Tale of Two Headlines

    Posted: 8/3/2020 2:01:41 PM
    Recent estimates on GDP that show drastic declines for both the U.S. and Europe have taken a firm hold in the news cycle over the past few days. But these headlines point to very different magnitudes of change. For example, has the following two headlines: For the U.S. on July 30: “<a href="